Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You are special

We had a great time, at the Murphy's house, remembering how special we are - simply because we were created by God. Sometimes we think we have to "do" stuff - to make others like us, to impress people and to win over God. How nice is it to remember that he loves us, just because he chose to make us. He made me exactly the way he wants me, and he never makes mistakes. Which means that I am fine, even though I often think I am not! And as for doing stuff? All God wants of me, is to spend time with him - each day. Prayer, Mass, reading the Bible, even noticing that God did an awesome job when he made the day today are so easy.
Thanks Donna. It was an important thing to remind us.

Fr Benedict took some time to explain the idea of "mystics". This was a little hard, but it was about those people (like St Gemma) who love God sooooo much, that every part of their lives becomes a prayer - even thier bodies become "in tune" with Jesus. Some of the mystics we were hearing about even got the wounds (or some of the marks) that Jesus got during his crucifixion! We call these wounds the Stigmata. The lesson that Nathan and I learned from St Gemma was to try to remember to put God first every day.